Champion® LV/LVR Series Fixed Speed Rotary Vane Compressors: Duplex

The Champion® duplex LV/LVR Series are direct drive, fixed speed, rotary vane compressors from 5-10 hp. These compressors offer a 100% duty cycle and produce 100–150 psi. Available in tank mount configuration with 120-gallon receiver. Duplex compressors produce 39–72.8 ACFM @ 100 psi and 32–57.4 ACFM @ 150 psi.


The Champion® LV/LVR Series are fixed speed, direct drive rotary vane compressors designed for 100% duty cycle with low noise. Their compact, simple, robust, and integrated design allows them to be fitted anywhere undercover. These duplex units are available tank mount with a 120-gallon receiver. They are easy to install and maintain as well as extremely quiet. They are designed for a wide variety of applications including automobile, body shops, wood working, dentistry, laundry, packaging, and machine tools.

Duplex units have lead and lag pressure switches and an automatic alternating system to evenly distribute the load between the two compressors.

LV/LVR Series Features: 5–10 hp

  • Duplex System: 2 compressors/motors & tank
  • Slow Speed Reliability
    - 1760 RPM direct drive (60 Hz)
  • 100–150 psi
  • Up to 72.8 CFM
  • Low Noise
    - 74-76 dBA
  • Simple Start/Stop Controls
  • Easy to Service
  • Ideal for 100% Duty Cycle Applications
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
    - Standard 2-year warranty
    - Platinum 10-year warranty available
  • Long Life & Reliability
  • Voltage
    - 208-230V - 1 Phase
    - 208-230V/460V/575V - 3 Phase

V/VR Series: Duplex* Performance Data

Champion V/VR Series Duplex

* All of the above models (V/VR) include a starter.

Rotary vane units should be used in 100% duty cycle applications. For duty cycles where the unit is predominately off (intermittent), a rotary vane is not a great choice as the unit is not on long enough to get / keep the oil hot. This results in water being created which will cause catastrophic failure to the airend.