Nuvair high-pressure (HP) and low-pressure (LP) air, nitrox, compressed natural gas (CNG) and nitrogen compressors are used around the world by professional and recreational divers; paintball shops, fields, and players; fire stations and public safety organizations; boat and yacht owners; and in the manufacturing, medical, and automotive industries.

High Pressure Breathing Air

SKU 8023-IT

Nuvair sells a range of high pressure (HP) breathing air compressors for filling scuba tanks from 3.4 to 27 SCFM (96-764 L/min) at up to 7000 psi (482 bar). Our high pressure compressors can be powered by gas, diesel or electricity and are available in a wide variety of configurations. Compressors categories include:

High Pressure Nitrox

SKU 7049-C

Nuvair combines a low pressure compressor, nitrox membrane system and high pressure compressor to create a turnkey scuba tank fill system. Fill directly to diver tanks or a storage bank system. Need an air fill? No problem! All of our nitrox systems pump air as well.

High Pressure Nitrogen Generators


Whether your use is in the automotive, manufacturing or packaging industry, we offer a range of CFM (L/min) in nitrogen production compressors.

Custom Compressors


If you don't think we offer a system that matches your requirements, work with us to build a custom configuration that meets your specifications. We have built a wide range of compressor systems to fit customer requirements, ranging from simple modifications to large offshore connex containers for commercial operations. Our experts can design and build a system for you.

Low Pressure Breathing Air


Nuvair offers a range of low pressure compressors from light-duty to heavy-duty commercial grade dive compressors. Our compressor range spans many designs common to the commercial diving industry. Our design team can come up with a custom design to fit your specific needs.

Low Pressure Nitrox

SKU EK76-R15-D-E

Commercial diving has been dominated by low pressure air compressors in the past. We can now provide nitrox to the commercial diver in a turnkey low pressure application that provides nitrox or air to the diver as needed. The advantages of diving nitrox are increased bottom time and enhanced safety in comparison to air. Our nitrox compressors use a membrane system to produce the nitrox, thus eliminating oxygen dangers and costs associated with partial-pressure blending.

Industrial Air

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Nuvair is an authorized Champion, CompAir, Quincy, and Hydrovane reseller. You can visit any of the manufacturers sites we represent and provide us with a make and model you would like quoted

Boat and Yacht Compressors

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Our custom installations are designed to meet your boat or yacht specifications. For over 20 years we have installed customized air and nitrox systems in personal craft, commercial dive boats and even mega yachts. We have the knowledge and capacity necessary to design the perfect system for you.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)


Nuvair imports and distributes Coltri CNG (compressed natural gas) compressors for use as natural gas fueling stations at businesses and homes. We have three sizes to choose from based on the amount of CNG required to fuel your vehicles.



Used regularly in the automotive, manufacturing and packaging industries, Nuvair offers a range of nitrogen production compressors that generate 4-26 CFM (133-736 L/min) of uninterrupted 81-99.9% nitrogen flow at 6000 psi (414 bar), all without the need of storage cylinders or dewars.

Paintball Packages

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Nuvair is a global manufacturer and distributor of paintball compressors, fill stations and accessories. You can purchase our products directly from us or through our dealers worldwide as individual items or turnkey paintball packages. Whether you are a paintball player looking for a portable compressor, a paintball shop filling tanks for customers throughout the day, or a large paintball park needing a continuous-duty system to support multiple teams in action, Nuvair has the solution for you. If you are a paintball vendor looking for a complete turnkey system, check out our paintball packages. Our packages deliver 3.4 to 27 CFM (96 to 764 L/min) at 4500 to 6000 psi (310 to 414 bar).

Dive Shop Packages

SKU 8027

For over 30 years, Nuvair has manufactured and distributed low and high pressure compressor systems worldwide. We have used our years of experience to create packages for commercial dive companies, dive shops and paintball fields. Looking to buy an air and/or nitrox compressor package for your scuba store? Check out our high-pressure dive shop compressor packages. We offer four turnkey air/nitrox systems specifically designed for dive shops. Our packages deliver up to EANx40 at 21 CFM (600 L/min).

Compressor Brands


Nuvair is a manufacturer and authorized reseller of many brands of compressors and related products designed for commercial diving, recreational diving, paintball, industrial, government, automotive, and fire & safety industries. We are a major distributor of Coltri Compressors throughout the Americas. As for manufacturing, we design and fabricate our own line of nitrox and nitrogen generating compressors using the latest membrane technology.


Some of the Compressors Available from Nuvair

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