RotorLub™ 4000 Rotary Compressor Lubricant | Case

One case (12 quarts) of RotorLub™ 4000 semi-synthetic, severely hydrotreated lubricant extends service intervals up to 4,000 hours.* Maximum protection and durability from unique additive package. Excellent thermal and oxidative stability over a wide temperature range.


Race drivers don’t use standard grade lubricants in their high performance race car engines. Why would you use a standard grade of lubricant in your high performance rotary screw compressor? Champion® created RotorLub™ 4000 compressor lubricants specifically for high performance compressors. The specially formulated lubricant package contains only those additives necessary to operate your RotorChamp compressor at peak performance and efficiency. These lubricants are specifically designed for your RotorChamp rotary screw air compressor.

RotorLub™ 4000 minimizes harmful varnish and carbon deposits. Exceptional resistance to fluid breakdown caused by high temperatures. Excellent demulsibility vs. common mineral oils. Minimized oil carryover reduces makeup oil costs. Compatible with common air system components. Free oil analysis program. RotorLub™ 4000 is not a food grade lubricant.

* Recommended service interval for (1) clean, ambient conditions and (2) normal compressor temperatures. Note: Laboratory analysis should be used to help determine service life.