Lithium 25.9V 2600mAh Replacement Analyzer Battery


Li-ion rechargeable battery pack for use in certain Nuvair Pro analyzers. 25.9V, 2600mAh, 67.34Wh, with maximum continuous discharge current of 5A.


For use with the following Nuvair Pro analyzers:

  • SKU 9604-LB: Pro 4 Warn
  • SKU 9605-LB: Pro H2O with SPDT Relays with Weatherproof Box
  • SKU 9607-LB: Pro H2O in Weatherproof Box

For our international customers (outside of the United States), FedEx limits or prohibits the shipment of replacement lithium batteries. For additional information, please review the FedEx Service Limitations of Lithium Batteries for a list of prohibited countries. If you have questions about lithium battery shipment, please contact Nuvair for assistance.