Visual Indicator Housing with CO & Moisture Elements


Visual indicator housing with 1/4 in FNPT inlet and outlet. Supplied with carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O) elements. Rated to 6000 psi (414 bar).


Visual indicators warn compressor operators of an impending need to change filter cartridge(s). At the core of this unit are elements. Elements contain reagents which respond to a specific contaminant within a determined range. The elements in SKU 592-6 are included with this visual indicator and detect the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O).

Since the indicator's element “sees” the gas at actual operating pressure and conditions, it is fairly accurate and is very helpful in determining cartridge lifespan. However, it does not take the place of scientific instruments nor give quantitative measurements.

Always depressurize the system and disconnect the electrical source prior to performing any service action. Do not direct compressed gases at bodily openings, eyes, or skin. Replace entire indicator assembly if any portion of it, other than seals, exhibits wear or deterioration.

592-6 Packet Instructions

This element contains a carbon monoxide (CO) indicating button about 3/4 inch (2 cm) in diameter and a humidity element in the form of a strip about 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) wide by 3/4 inch long. The elements are packaged together in aluminum foil and plastic wrap and should not be open until use. A drying agent packet is included with the elements and this can be discarded when the element is put is service. To put in service, remove the tape backing on the humidity strip to expose the adhesive. Paste the strip against the active face of the CO button centering the strip on the button. The active side of the CO button is the rough or granular side. The back side is smooth plastic. Place the elements in the indicator housing so their active sides are directly against the window. Reinstall the housing insuring the spring is in place to hold the elements against the window. The humidity strip should appear more or less centered in the window with the CO element visible on either side or the strip. The humidity strip is divided into two sections which change from blue to pink when relative humidity reaches 40% and 60% respectively. This color change, from blue to pink, indicates it is time to change the system drying cartridges. The presents of carbon monoxide ( CO ) in the air system is indicated by a color change from tan to dark brown or a brown/gray color of the round CO button. Anytime this occurs, the air should not be used for breathing purposes. This indicator, when used with the CO element is intended as a secondary check or back up only to more compete and accurate air analysis normally done for breathing air installations. Also note the shelf life of the CO button is about one year. Packages are date marked and should not be used after a year from this date. NOTE - COLOR CHANGE - BLUE TO PINK MEANS HIGH HUMIDITY; TAN TO DARK BROWN MEANS DANGEROUS CARBON MONOXIDE

Indicator Strip Color Meaning

Indicator Color Strips