Coltri 2nd Stage Exhaust Valve Kit

Coltri MCH8, MCH11, MCH13, MCH16, MCH18, MCH21, MCH23, BOOSTER OPEN, BOOSTER COMPACT, MCH5 CNG, and MCH10-MCH14 CNG second stage head complete kit. Described in Coltri literature as "2nd Stage Pressure Valve Inox MCH13/16 Kit" and "2nd Stage Pressure Valve Ass MCH13/16 Kit." For additional information on this kit, see page 14 of the MCH5 CNG Parts List, page 12 of MCH8-MCH23 Parts List, page 8 of Booster Open Parts List, or page 6 & 8 of Booster Compact Parts List; all located under the User Manuals tab.