Coltri MCH6 Auto Stop Kit

Coltri MCH6 automatic stop kit. Described by Coltri as "KIT AUTOSTOP 232BAR (300BAR) [KIT SPEGNIMENTO AUTOMATICO A 232BAR (300BAR)]". An autostop kit stops the compressor when it reaches a specific pressure set point. Choose from 232 bar (3364 psi) or 300 bar (4351 psi) pressure switches. Kit contains 9 parts. For additional information on this kit, see Parts List page 32-36 located under the User Manuals tab.


The MCH6 Auto Stop Kit can be used on any engine excluding single-phase electric motor (115 V/60 Hz) and single-phase electric motor (3kW).

Coltri Genuine Parts

Nuvair is an Authorized Coltri Distributor
Nuvair sells only genuine parts and equipment manufactured by Coltri Compressors. Do not be fooled by cheap aftermarket copies of original Coltri equipment. Items labeled “replacement,” “OEM equivalent,” “compatible,” or “alternative” are not manufactured by Aerotenica Coltri S.p.a.

Some Coltri parts are not available for purchase online. To ensure this genuine Coltri part fits your compressor model/version, please contact the Nuvair sales team for ordering assistance.