Haskel Air Pilot Switch 3W,NC,0.15K-0.7K,O2

An air pilot switch is a pressure switch that produces a pneumatic signal up to 150 psi at any sensing pressure within their adjustment range. The signal valve may be piped normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), 3-way, or 2-way, depending on the model. All models use a 2-position poppet-type air signal valve which is shifted from its normal position by a rod from the sensing end which first must overcome an adjustable force spring (styles A and C) or air-regulated dome loader (style B). For additional information, see pp. 4-7 in the document located under the Brochure tab.


SKU 28755-13
Style C
Gas Oxygen (O2)
Maximum Sensing Pressure 5000 psi
Air Valve 3-way, NC
Adjustable Range 150–700 psi
Approximate Length 5-11/16 in
Approximate Outside Diameter 1-3/8 in
Ports: Air (2) 1/8 in NPT (vented not threaded)
Ports: Sensing (3) 1/4 in NPT
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