Quincy 325 Low Pressure Compressor with Kubota Diesel

Quincy 325 low pressure compressor with pressure lubrication and loadless start with head unloaders. This package has a one-gallon surge/manifold tank, ball valve output, over-pressure valve, drain valve, large air aftercooler, check valve, gate valves and plumbing. The Kubota 9.4 hp diesel engine features key electric start or pull start, tach/hour meter and battery box. The frame is made with 6061 aluminum and has an enclosed bottom, four-point lifting eyes, handles and wheels making it easy to move on and off the job. All equipment is inset; compressor and diesel are mounted on an aluminum plate and have independent vibration absorption mounts. This package requires a low pressure gas receiver (volume tank) for use.



  • Quincy 325 LP compressor
  • Electric start 9.4 (7 kW) Kubota diesel engine
  • Tach / hour meter
  • Aluminum frame with enclosed bottom, lifting eyes, handles and wheels
  • Aluminum belt guard
  • Overpressure relief valve
  • 12 V sealed battery
  • 1.45 gal fuel tank
  • Air cooled aftercooler


  • Steel or stainless steel frame
  • Monitors/alarms: CO, CO2, O2, H2S, low pressure, and high temperature
  • Three-stage breathing air filtration
  • 30 gal volume tank
  • Yanmar engine
  • 250 or 300 psi


Flow Rate 19.4 CFM (549 L/min) 19.4 CFM (549 L/min)
Kubota Engine Power 9.4 hp (7 kW) 9.4 hp (7 kW)
Max Operating Pressure 175 psi (12 bar) 175 psi (12 bar)
Number of Stages 2 2
Lubrication Pressure Pressure
Air Quality N/A Grade D Breathing Air
(L x W x H)
48 x 29 x 38 in
(122 x 74 x 96 cm)

48 x 29 x 61 in
(122 x 74 x 156 cm)

Weight 560 lb (254 kg) 689 lb (313 kg)